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Ferric chloride

Liquid Ferric Chloride is a concentrated solution of Iron III Chloride (FeCl3) from high purity raw materials. It is the result of the chlorination after dissolution of Best quality Iron Oxide and Iron in Hydrochloric acid.


Liquid Ferrous Chloride is a concentrated solution of Iron II Chloride (FeCl2) from high purity raw materials. It is the result of dissolution of Best quality Iron in Hydrochloric acid.


Ferric chloride liquid precipitate absorbs suspended particles (clay, organic matter, etc) flocculates and carries the absorbed particles to the bottom. It also removes sulphides and silica.

It increase the rate of settling of sludge in sewage by the process of hydrolysis forming ferric Hydroxide which acts as a coagulant.Generally industrial effluents are either acidic or alkaline and the treatment of such effluents is usually a costly and cumbersome multi-stage operation requiring a number of chemicals. ferric Chloride Anhydrous because of its flocculating and deodorizing properties, can be used directly in a single stage operation replacing the traditional cumbersome process.To release entrapped oil from crevices and rocks below the sea bed ferric Chloride Liquid can be used by feeding it into the drilling well. It decomposes and reacts with the rocks, releasing the entrapped oils which are removed by the normal processes.


  • As an etching agent for photo engraving and printed circuitry.
  • To produce decorative surface effects on ceramics.
  • In the manufacture of glycerin.
  • As a catalyst, mordant, oxidizing, chlorination and condensing agent.
  • As a disinfectant and pigment.

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    Due to superior quality of material, more floc is formed and consumption of Ferric Chloride solutions become less, results saving in cost and material become cheaper.
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